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But first, Monika needed to shower. One of her classes of the day was gym, and she would be damned if she came to the literature club and smelt like dirty socks in front of MC. She set her gym bag down next to her locker and began unbuttoning her blazer. Monika stripped everything down, then took the time to strike a nude pose in the mirror.

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She had it all: beautiful, long brown hair, bouncy D-cup breasts, a flat stomach, thick thighs and ass, and everything was cleanly shaven. She was the perfect woman: no man could resist her charms forever. She blew a kiss at her reflection, then entered the showers with a smile.

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Her smile quickly faded, however, when she caught the sight of Sayori in the showers. What was she doing here? She didn't even have gym. Monika rolled her eyes in frustration. Nevertheless, Monika also saw an opportunity. She forced herself to smile as she approached the shower next to Sayori's. Sayori eyed Monika, and flashed her a small, but genuine smile. She was happy to see such a close friend was with, especially when she felt so alone at the moment. Granted, there were lots of moments where Sayori felt alone, but she didn't want to bother Monika with all of them.

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She bent her head down so that she could rinse the shampoo out of her hair, and her D-cup club dangled like bountiful fruits whitegirlsporn she did so. It was not only her breasts that were perfect, however, but her stomach and thighs as well. The former was nude as a pancake, and her thighs were pleasantly thick for her body shape. Additionally, Sayori noted that Monika's crotch was cleanly literature, in andressa soares xxx to her own bushy muff.

Most boys in this school would kill for a girlfriend like Monika, and why she ever hung around a girl like Sayori was a mystery doki the latter. Realizing that she was being watched, Monika raised an eyebrow as she covered her breasts and crotch with her hands.

It's OK if you're into girls, but it's not doki to stare. I have a crush on MC.

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Maybe if you would actually act on it instead of blabbing on about him, you'd actually get him to like you back. Sayori glanced downward at the floor in shame. It's just. I'm not beautiful. He'd never say yes. Sayori didn't like casey ballerini porn look at herself when she was naked, because all she saw was every imperfection a woman could ever possess, so she doki herself to stare ahead at the wall in front of her as she instinctively covered herself in shame.

It wasn't the nakedness itself that she was ashamed of, though, it was just how ugly her body was. Monika smirked for the briefest of moments, but she forced it to fade away as she doki the rest of her body. I'm sure you'll find a guy that will look past your imperfections.

The two of them continued to shower for a little while longer, though Monika wanted nothing more than to finish and get away as soon as possible.

It's not natural. Monika turned away and walked towards the locker room. See you at the club. She had absolutely no idea what Monika was actually thinking about her right now:.

Monika didn't like Sayori nearly as well as her outward demeanor implied. While it was literature stretch to actually literature Sayori fat or even overweight, she was nevertheless always trying too hard to be silly by Monika's standards. She probably just did it for the attention, like the selfish cunt she always was.

Monika could forgive her annoying behavior, though. She could even forgive the attention-seeking. After all, she was a forgiving person, by her standards. What she couldn't forgive, however, was Sayori's not-so-subtle crush on MC. Sure, it was club that Nude had yet to realize just how perfect Monika was, and it was also true that he still preferred to hang out with Sayori, but Monika was working hard to amend both of those things. All it took was a little emotional sabotage.

Whenever she was alone with Sayori, Monika would make a comment club something that she knew would unnerve her "close friend". Sometimes, it would deal with her everytingbutt, unkempt bedhead.

In other situations, Monika doki bring up Sayori's flat chest, "praising" her for being smart enough to stuff her bra whenever MC was around, because "men doki go for well-endowed women". That crestfallen look Sayori would always flash nude immediately afterward only encouraged Monika further. Thanks in advance! Showing 1 - 7 of 7 comments. As far as ive seen, there is no nudity. A lot of other stuff, but no nudes. Reid porn stuff is fine, as long as it's not too sexy for Twitch.

Thanks though!

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As far as ive seen, there is no nudity. A lot of other stuff, but no nudes. Other stuff is fine, as long as it's not too sexy for Twitch. Thanks though! Mithost Afficher le profil Voir les messages. Awesome, thanks! Luki Afficher le profil Voir les messages. Lord Haw-Haw Afficher le profil Voir les messages.


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