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GIANT Toriel's Unaware Butt Crush w/Story (Story Request)

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Unanswered Questions. Asked in YouTube. What is giantess buttcrush? When a giant woman sits on and usally smashes a person smaller than them. Asked in Movies What are the release dates for The Giantess - ? Asked in Books and Story Where can one find Giantess stories?

The best place to find Giantess stories is on the official Giantess site. There is a lot of information on that site, not just stories, so it's best to check that site out. My Giantess Academia Part 3 zen My Giantess Academia Part 2 zen My Giantess Academia Part 1 zen Nurse Redheart and tiny ponies Taurson. Join the buttcrush to add your comment.

She had sat. Here's a story. You're welcome.

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Comments 6. I'll just make him one when he arrives, then!

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Toriel finished her delicious pie as she felt something moving beneath her butt as she got up to check. She lifted up her purple gown and looked at her butt to find Frisk stuck to it. What are you doing there?!


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