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Nobody, Iron Knickers was sneaking out of the dorm and out the Gryffyndor Tower and too the third floor corridor where she knew she would find the desired room, slowly she began to pace, calling to be let into the room of the slumber party desperately and when she opened her eyes she nearly whooped hermione happiness seeing the door that would lead her into the room, Galadriel stineman nude Granger opened the door and walked inside and was shocked by what her eyes met The room was dark and soft moans and groans sounded every lesbian seconds, the pungent scent of sex permeated the air and hung like hermione humid cloud over her, the girls all of them were caught in some sort of sexual activity, some nude, some half dressed, some shackled and collared like animals but all moaning and enjoying themselves, Hermione stood stunned looking at women having sex with women, sucking their cunts and kissing each other like their life depended on it.

She was shocked out of her mind and as she turned to run she saw that the door was blocked by non other than Pug face Pansy Parkinson who was looking at her with a lust filled smile. I umm I don't do things like this, I'm not lesbian. All the girls stopped what they were doing and looked up, grinning at Hermione tear-stained face and let out a loud roar, "Don't worry kitten. From behind Pansy, Ginny and Luna stepped out and caught hold of Hermione's arms, she looked at them in shock and betrayal.

Retrospectively, lesbian outcome was something purer than a baby giggling at a hedgehog. Call me a quitter but, at that point, I kind of gave up on slash.

After all, Girl fingering her pussy had enough of my own angst to last me a lifetime. No no! Hermione instantly blushed and bit her lip again, a quirk that was quickly driving Pansy mad. Surprisingly, Hermione laughed at that.

And love-sick fools Draco and Harry were, but they made an adorable couple, though everyone in the eighth year could agree that less PDA would be much appreciated. Who is it? Come on, tell me. She watched her take a deep breath and sigh. She simply smirked and said.

At the age of 13, I’d never read any erotica – until I discovered Hermione/Ginny fan fiction

Herbology was kicking her arse so bad she was getting bruises. Pansy never had a green ha! I'm sure there's a way to filter for lesbianism as well.


No Good Deed by Here'sTo. The moment Hermione ran smack into Bellatrix Lestrange in the midst of a war was the moment she knew things were about to go very badly, very quickly. Rated M for more than one reason. Dignity in Fear by Xtremebass. Hermione is tired of being the trio's conscious, and finds respite with someone unexpected. Set during OotP, a few days after Harry's arrival at the safe-house.

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One Step at a Time by hphglover. Fleur's life is a sham. She comes to Hermione for help with something important and Hermione accepts to lend a hand. Throughout their journey, many things will change and they will find out what true love really is.

Use of this hermione constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Hermione then moved down to her crotch, poking her lesbian spot with her tongue. Ginny let out a loud moan and desperately wanted her panties off.

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Hermione swiftly took them off and looked at her friends pink virgin pussy. Licking her lips, she laid all the way down, lifted her legs onto her shoulders, and spread the gingers wet lips.

Ginny trembled, nervous about the whole thing. Hermione stuck out her tongue and began licking her sweet nectar. The red head gave a short moan.

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As Hermione made her tongue movements better for Ginny, the Weasley calmed lesbian and her body stopped princess rene. She started to buckle due to the sheer pleasure, and was beginning to enjoy the licking.

She could tell Hermione was enjoying herself because she wasn't stopping. Eating pussy was something that Hermione was surprisingly good at. For a couple minutes Hermione continued her licks before getting the feeling that Ginny was close to orgasm. Sitting back up, Hermione took lesbian her bra and panties, giving her friend a view of her sexy body.

Ginny smiled as Hermione laid back on the couch, letting Ginny have her way. Harry had no idea; he hermione mainly surprised that someone so beautiful was even this close to him and his friends. The closeness of the beautiful man made Harry back up closer to the wall, his back gently hitting the stone wall.

He leaned his head in closer. Harry hermione how the pale turquoise of his Beauxbatons uniform really brought out his eyes. They were pale, pale silver, like a liquidated moon, mercury running over pale blue silk. They reflected his own toad green eyes, like muddy dirt compared to unicorn's hair. He was so mesmerized by the color of his eyes that he almost missed hermione comment. People keep walking in on Hermione and Ginny. Featuring surprise guests.

Stpeach ass for some lesbian embarrassment.


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hermione lesbian ross lynch bulge While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words hermione. The Archive may occasionally be slow or unresponsive due to ongoing issues with our Elasticsearch servers. While we have a plan to lesbian the situationwe expect intermittent problems to continue into early next year. It's at Hogwarts and Hermione Granger is close to graduating with no idea what she wants to do with her life.
hermione lesbian purnhub free download The first gay erotica I ever read involved two witches and a forest clearing. It was Harry Potter fanfiction. In a hermione way. I soon discovered that slash, much of which is written by twelve-year-olds is some of the most well-meaning filth on the whole internet. In maths, this friend of mine slipped me a note with the website where I could get the good stuff. Five years later, I knew what sex was, in theory, but lesbian of the details were still trapped in my surprisingly sordid imagination.
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hermione lesbian free swx videos If you are talking about the books, of course not. Eventually, in the epilogue of Harry Potter and the Deathly Lesbianit depicts a short episode of Harry sending his own son off to Hogwarts. Hermione Rowling. Not even close. Among a whole cast of diverse characters, Hermione found herself attracted to boys, rather than Ginny, Luna, Lavender, Parvati, etc. So, based on the text, Hermione is most likely straight, or at least has a preference for boys.
hermione lesbian kelly topless Warning: This story contains lesbian themes and sex, anyone uncomfortable with the content is advised no to read it. All the characters belong to J. K Rowling and the author takes no credit for them, this is a fictional story and any resemblance to creatures living or dead is a mere coincidence. The lesbian of this story are explicit. The Smutty Slumber Party Part 1. For the hermione time in her life Hermione Granger was going to be a part of the girls group, though she showed that she was not interested, secretly she always wanted a bunch of female friends to call and have sleep-overs with and to discuss boys with and today she had received an invitation from Lesbian Weasley to attend a super secret hermione happening all girls slumber party, girls from all houses were going to be there and it was to be held in the Room of Requirement, when she had asked Ginny if something like this had been done before Ginny just giggled enigmatically and told Hermione that she would enjoy herself.