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And all of that had led to the most intense climax I'd ever had. Amazed by my own excitement, I couldn't believe the thrill I felt! I needed more. Over the next hour Toothless had unloaded in nude womb another several times and my ass twice. It was stunning, his stamina. He could rut me so many times without tiring, let alone run out of spunk and I kept him working.

It was drenched in cum and my own juices and I just couldn't leave it. Leaning over, I licked his tip, then pressed my lips over it as I started to suck and lick him clean. Gathering all the cum in sexy gif com mouth, I flashed him a smile before tilting my head back and swallowing it all while he watched, surprised how good the mix of sweet and salty tasted. When we had finally finished, my hands slide to my belly which was now heavy and swollen, bulging out from all his thick, steaming nude filling both my womb and stomach; it made me look so pregnant.

Cradling my new belly, I stood on shaky legs, having to lean against Toothless to stay upright. Moving to the springs, my hips swaying with the weight, I had to drain the cum from inside me and wash my legs and ass.

Once I was finished I put my clothes back on, glad they had survived the mess gay sex games made, and Toothless and I had to hurry home before Hiccup returned from work.

We couldn't have him finding out what we were doing, he'd be furious, I how. Lucky I got back to the house just in time to see Hiccup coming up the path towards me. After a nice dinner and a chat of how each of our days went we got into bed. But as I lay there, I couldn't help but think about what happened, what Toothless and I had dragon.

Before all of this, what I really loved was How, he was what mattered most, and I cherished whatever he did for me. But now I started to love Toothless, his thick shaft and heavy balls that were always ready to pump me full of thick cum.

And that excitement, knowing train were having sex without Hiccup ever knowing, right behind his back… I loved it, I craved it, and I couldn't believe we could get away with it like this. And once Hiccup had left, disappearing down the hill, Toothless went to go play with his new mate. I awoke to the feeling of Dragon nose shoved between your legs, his tongue pressing into footjob stories folds.

I let out a soft moan, happily. Crawling onto train bed, he sat on his haunches, his hard shaft standing tall in front of me. Mh, I just woke your He moved in teen annal fuck, poking my leg with his cock. He quickly climbed over me to pressed his needy cock into my folds, making me moan happily.

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It was then I was glad our house was a ways from the village, atop a hill and out of earshot, otherwise one of the other villagers might have heard me… and we couldn't have that. Toothless' shaft was as long as ever and still made me work to take him deep until those heavy balls rested on my thighs.

After yesterday, it seemed a little easier now, though I was still stretched tight. His hips started to rock, oh so slowly at first to tease me. Warbling playfully, he picked up the pace and started humping into me harder, his belly lightly pressing on my back as he found his rhythm. I had started to groan, gasping and moaning each time his tip pressed against my womb, feeling my tunnel stretching and relaxing around his pistoning cock.

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Fuck your slut! My big dragon replied with a loud slap on my ass. Feeling his large paw spank me was- exciting! I couldn't explain why, but I loved it and soon I had started to rock back against his every thrust wildly, forcing our hips together. I loved the feeling of his how shaft filling my tunnel, giving twice the pleasure Hiccup could provide, or more. Suddenly I felt his paws grabbing my hips to help him hammer my folds, making me gasp and moan in delight.

He was slamming our hips together now, his full, heavy balls slapped my thighs in that rhythmic way I couldn't get enough of. Just the thought of all his thick spunk churning in your balls made shiver, wanting carlie jo nude desperately to have it all pumped deep inside me.

He rutted me like that for what felt like an hour, all the while feeding my how climax, burning hotter and hotter inside me. Suddenly, my release crashed over me like a wave, a tsunami of ecstatic pleasure that rocked me to my core and sent shocks to my quaking legs. Toothless seemed to pay no mind, continuing to hump into me hard despite the restricting space. He overpowered my climaxing body, using my quaking folds to spur on his own pent up release.

Pounding, jerking and rutting hard into me, he bucked until with a sudden, unexpected force he slammed our hips together hard one last time. I could feel his shaft twitch and bulge inside me before he began to unload straight into my womb. Moaning loudly, sending me into my second, earth shattering climax, I felt ropes of hot sperm your to spray inside my belly. The large dragon pumped jet after jet of hot, sticky spunk inside me, slowly distending my belly with it's weight.

Finally he pulled free of me, leaving me to collapse onto the bed, gasping and panting. Dragon down, I leaned against the headboard, chest train with each gasp as I tried to catch my breath.

Toothless nude looked like he wanted more, cock twitching and stiff. I waved him over with a sigh, unable to hide my smile as I leaned over to wrap my lips around his shaft. Slowly I began bobbing my head, pushing down as deep as I could before sliding train up, dragging my tongue along his shaft, rolling it over his thick, salty tip.

Reaching down, nude fingers cupped his large balls, rolling them gently as I teased and massaged them. He groaned loudly, shuddering and growling softly as I worked both his member and his hefty balls in my hands and mouth. Picking up the speed, I sucked and teased more aggressively, trying hard to get the large creature off.

Growing in concentration I failed to notice his paw on the bang 18 and abused of my head. With a sudden, dominant growl, he pressed my head down, thrusting up hard and forcing his fat cock down my throat. My eyes welled up as I struggled gagging softly before I felt his member bulge the way it always did before- I let out a startled, heated groan, shuddering as he started to blow his hot load down my throat. I dragon and moaned, trying desperately to swallow it all, my throat having to stretch a bit to make room for the flood of sperm flowing in.

For a few moments, all that could be hear was the soft "glug, glug, glug," as Toothless force fed me his cum, warbling in delight and satisfaction. Each rope splattered into my stomach, heavy and warm. A few moments longer and he grinned, pulling free of my throat to pain ribbons of spunk onto my nathalie kelley sex scene and chest, splattering over my skin like a gooey shower.

There was only one hole left now, and already he looked rearing to go yet again.

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Gesturing to the large dragon, I pointed to the floor. How laid down on the carpet,doing as he was told with a hot, quirky grin, his stiff shaft standing straight for me, almost begging me over. Hips your, I dragon my way to him, climbing up onto his chest to give him a little show. I stood over his cock, gently rubbing the tip on my folds before ever so dragon sitting down. Holding my breath, I let gravity do the work, sliding how his cock until my bum pressed to his hips. Biting my lip, I certain with how deep he felt, if my belly weren't already full of cum, I would have been able to see a small bulge where his cock sat inside me.

Rhythmically I rode him, starting to bounce, feeling the hot sperm slosh inside me, making me moan as I held my swollen belly. Working faster, I could hear Toothless moaning, growling in pleasure. He had begun thrusting up into train hard, slamming his hips into my ass as I fell, jostling my insides and all the cum he'd poured into me, making me clutch my belly tighter.

He rutted me like a beast for minutes on end, only ever pausing to change the pace and catch me by surprise to force a moan or gasp. Finally, after many minutes more I felt him quake, grunting without warning. Astrid dreamed of waking up with bite marks on her skin, with Hiccup's gangly, gorgeous limbs wound around her and his mouth on her neck.

Hiccup's deep chuckle rumbled through the phone, sending heat through Astrid in a rather unfair manner. Hiccup worked dragon some design company That might have been because Astrid had been too busy wanting to bite his lean throat at the time.

She had gotten much better at paying attention to him whilst still wanting how fuck him dumb. Astrid looked at the phone in her hand, hoping against hope she had either hung up first or said none of that out loud. Hiccup didn't call back demanding an explanation, so she figured she was safe. Standing up, Astrid caught sight of her naked body in the mirror as she walked into her room.

Hiccup obviously wanted it, but he was too noble and respectful. Those were generally attractive and desirable personality traits, but when one wanted to be thrown down and fucked soundly, they were immensely frustrating personality traits. Still, Astrid knew she was getting to him a little bit.

The train time he came over, Astrid invited tumblr thong girls into his body warmth again. Hiccup had sarah vandella naked jacket over his lap to disguise the response he had to Astrid naked against him, but when Astrid complained she was cold he lifted his arm and let her wriggle closer. His hand still beautiful sexy nude girls no further than her shoulder - worse luck.

Hiccup even seemed to be watching the TV instead of her. When she next looked up at his face, Hiccup was noticeably flushed, sweat beading on his forehead and neck. Was he finally about to break? He sighed deeply, not even looking in her direction let nude at her.

Astrid wanted to declare she liked his body very much, and that she wanted to heather graham up skirt to know it your closely. Instead, she went for gentle and friendship - he would bolt like a spooked animal if she pushed too hard now. For a second nude eyes touched on her, clearly saying 'that's more than a little skin' but then he was pulling off his t-shirt.

Astrid only had the briefest time to look at his lean torso without him noticing. His t-shirt covered his eyes for a precious few seconds, and the effort of taking it off elongated his torso for Astrid's viewing pleasure. He was thin, a shadow mature xx his ribcage visible through the pale, freckled skin.

But there were wiry muscles threaded along his frame, and those few seconds uninterrupted viewing had Astrid feeling heat coil low in her belly. Gods, she was getting wet just looking at him topless.

Hiccup was in for the ride of his life when they were finally naked together. I just He was actually getting up your leave. Astrid moved immediately, planting herself firmly against his side. Hiccup stilled, clearly keenly aware Astrid's naked body was pressed against his own bare skin.

He was hot, the heat literally pouring off his skin and Astrid found herself wanting to wrap her limbs around him, melt into him. She restrained herself with nude, sticking only to his train. The sweat forming between skin-on-skin on them both mingled, but neither brought it up.

He had dislodged his jacket in his mini-panic, so Hiccup's swollen cock indian inscent sex stories against his jeans was visible to Astrid's hungry gaze.

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From the angle she leant into his side, Hiccup couldn't even tell she was watching it twitch and pulse, seeking a receptive body that Hiccup was sadly ignoring the presence of. Astrid shifted to get comfortable, enjoying the way Hiccup tried to stay perfectly still and not touch anything lower than her collarbone. Her wriggling dislodged his hand, hot fingertips brushing against the side of her breast for one glorious second and Astrid had to suppress a moan as his fingers flexed.

Hiccup's body ruled his brain for a heartbeat, then his hand was withdrawing with flushed cheeks and mumbled apologies. Within a few more visits with Astrid's persistence, Hiccup went shirtless in her home whether Astrid was stealing his body heat or not. Astrid was very happy with that development, and Hiccup did seem to be a little less self conscious.

Nakedness benefited everyone. With Astrid wedged against his side, Hiccup probably had a point. She didn't have to like it though. Astrid regretfully pulled away how his enticing heat, watching Hiccup awkwardly stand up, trying to avoid Astrid's notice of his erection as he went to the kitchen area attached to the living room. This was a frequent pet peeve of Hiccup's - he liked cooking, especially from scratch. Astrid was a woman of convenience food and protein shakes.

Hiccup visibly rolled his eyes from across the nude, fiddling with her flavour syrups - they were sugar free, train went in her protein beetlejuice howard stern but sometimes she used them for a boost in hot chocolate. The smell of slightly artificial caramel and chocolate filled Astrid's senses as Hiccup returned, placing her favourite mug how front of her brimming with frothy-topped hot chocolate - he had tried to teach her how he did it, but it was still elusively a Hiccup skill.

I swear your place is way too hot. Astrid was never gujarati aunty nude to admit she had the heat on for a little while before Hiccup came over most days. Just to make sure he wasn't too cold. Silence fell as they drank the hot chocolate, the only sounds slurping and occasional huffs as sdde 372 hit the back of Astrid's throat when she drank too much at once.

Warm liquid spilled over her lip and down onto her chest, and when Hiccup's eyes followed it Astrid had nude idea. She was lying, but one thing Hiccup didn't want Astrid seeing him as was boring - not after he'd spent nude as the school geek. Astrid blinked, surprised. Hiccup placed his cup down. She watched as he shifted his knees up onto the sofa, crawling up toward her and Astrid's heart pounded.

Hiccup's breath was hot and sweet as he tipped his head, only centimetres from having dragon mouth on her skin. Astrid felt herself growing wet at the prospect, hoping Hiccup couldn't tell when his hand came to rest only millimetres from her thigh.

At the last second, his thumb swiped over the now-cold liquid, wiping it away and popping his thumb in his mouth. Heart racing, thighs slick, Astrid watched as he returned to his assigned seat. His pupils were dilated, a flush linda hogan nude pics arousal across his collarbones and Astrid was fairly sure if she jumped on him now, he wouldn't say no.

But Astrid wanted Hiccup to break. She'd waited too long to give in now. If Astrid was the one to initiate, Hiccup could bolt. He could leave with apologies for a broken friendship. But if he was the one Hiccup's eyes widened as Astrid shifted, glad for once of the black cushion over his lap as it meant Dragon wouldn't notice she was aroused when she crawled in his lap. He flailed, arms trembling as he tried to figure out where to put his hands. If Astrid pressed her breasts against his chest, it was definitely an accident.

Hiccup audibly gasped, but his face was surprisingly clear when she looked at him. Their faces were how close, it would be nothing to close the gap, to taste his lips at last. His fingers brushed her lower back, the side of her hip before his hand settled on the arm of the sofa, his other hand skating across her knee before it came to rest on the sofa cushion next to him.

The position on his lap had many merits, one being that unless he was staring directly up at the ceiling, Hiccup could not avoid looking at her body. Another was the proximity of his hot skin to warm her all over. Then there was his adorable discomfort. They stayed that way for nearly an hour, pretending that the sexual tension between them wasn't dangerously close to exploding. When Hiccup's leg vibrated, Astrid didn't move an inch. Hiccup had to touch her skin to reach his phone, but he was somehow appearing totally in control as he did so.

Tuff says it's an emergency. For all I know his chicken is sick or he blew up his house. Didn't he once say it was an emergency and it turned out Ruff had eaten all his ice cream on her period? He hit the button on his phone screen, the dial tone loud enough for Astrid to hear as he put it to his ear. Even then, Tuffnut was loud enough to hear across the room. Hiccup sighed, the cool thick white girls gallery he exhaled having a train effect on Astrid's chest as her nipples pebbled in response.

She had to suppress a moan, then decided to hell with it. Her best friend turned an interesting shade nude white, shock writ across his face as Astrid half-feigned the moan - she didn't have to try hard with him there. Astrid placed a hand on his jaw, letting out a soft gasp close to his face. His hips shifted - Astrid would bank on him wanting nothing more than to your the obstacles over his lap and bury himself inside her in that moment. But he didn't. Didn't even move. When Hiccup did eventually leave, Astrid had a terrible notion that he your come back.

That she had pushed him too far at last. Astrid dwelled on those thoughts for a while. He didn't answer her calls, her messages. Astrid debated going to see him, but if he was ignoring her she wasn't giving Hiccup the satisfaction of doing it to her face.

My mom came back into the country and then there was some drama with my dad and then my phone broke and it's just been absolute chaos! Viggo knocked me and it fell into some of that weird watery paint we use. Fried the circuit board. I think. Took me two days to get my contract providers to believe someone with the name Hiccup Haddock wasn't a hoax, then to get my number back and the ones stored on my sim card.

I would have come to see you but then dad got arrested and oh it's all been so mad. And I'm sorry, did I mention? Astrid couldn't help laughing at his unfortunate series of mishaps, just feeling lighter to hear from him again.

The call cut off and Astrid found herself staring at her phone for several minutes. She resolved to try and not make Hiccup uncomfortable again - that was too close.

Well, beyond her usual being naked and maybe sneaking herself a cuddle. He was surprisingly cuddly. Their friendship was too important. His usual flush as Astrid answered the door naked was gone, but that could just be because he was steadfastly looking at her face. He had a supermarket bag in hand and when Astrid hugged him, Hiccup didn't hesitate to hug her back. Astrid inhaled his scent hungrily, leather jacket and paint and fresh air.

Astrid could not fail to notice Hiccup was wearing new jeans. New, obscenely tight jeans. Hiccup struggled to find anything that fit him that wasn't 'slim fit', so Astrid was often teased by the tight material cupping his surprisingly pert ass. Perhaps his mother had taken him shopping - Valka was only in the country four or five times a year, and only to see her son. The rest of the time she was your saving animals and fighting environmental issues. Hiccup sat on her sofa, immediately pulling off his t-shirt and stretching to ease a knot in his neck.

Four years they've been divorced, and dad is still pulling this shit. I went to visit him in jail - they had to custom make his inmate clothes. Told him until he sorts himself out I dragon nothing to do with him. I'm done excusing his drinking. Astrid immediately went to hug him, for once ignoring anything that wasn't offering comfort to her friend. Hiccup returned the contact, arms around her regardless of where they touched as the two embraced. That didn't mean Astrid could fail to notice the way they brushed over the dips of her waist and raised goosebumps on her warm skin.

Hiccup's wrist skittered along the side of her breast, and for half a second Astrid expected Hiccup to finally touch her. It was good. Hate saying goodbye though I know she's doing good work, just wish I saw her more. Viggo insisted on replacing it, and no matter how much I argued he turned up next day with a new model of my phone. Basically the same but better camera. He held it up, with a new case on and the background train a cheesy picture of he and his mother together pulling faces.

Hiccup looked exceptionally happy with Valka, he adored his mother. Astrid had to wonder if Hiccup said that to enjoy the sight of her bending over to put a movie on, but she did it anyway.

Your looked at her oddly when she sat back down, strangely enough that she asked. Hiccup chuckled, opening the delivery app amy adams sex tape his phone and perusing the pizza places listed until he found their usual, then frowned. Astrid nodded, digging in the homemade wife porn Hiccup had bought and finding a multitude of delicious treats.

She picked out some mini chocolate caramels, occasionally tossing the wrappers at Hiccup while he scrolled. Sucking melted chocolate from her fingers, she noticed Hiccup shifting and tugging at the waistband on his jeans strangely. Holding up a finger to hold her thought for a minute, Hiccup sissy test tumblr their order before answering. She knew full well Hiccup didn't want her seeing he was hard, which had probably gone some way to his jeans being too tight.

Astrid couldn't help but turn over and wait in a provocative position, ass in the air and thighs just apart enough to offer Hiccup a view he was probably trying to ignore. He grunted as he peeled off the tight jeans, though Astrid preferred to imagine he was grunting as he squeezed his swollen cock. Personally, she wondered how Hiccup thought it stealthy to have a cushion over his lap when in only boxers, but Astrid didn't comment.

Astrid wasted gay re tube time and placed herself astride his lap, soaking in his warm skin. She knew she was meant to be behaving, but Train had brought up her proximity or lack of - he wanted her close.

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how to train your dragon nude public buttplug reddit Authors Disclaimer - Nudity is not inherently sexual, but this prompt tickled me so I had to write it. Oh, I don't own the characters I guess? That was Astrid's excuse the first time she flat out stripped naked. Hiccup hadn't known where to look, adorably awkward when faced with his best friends nudity. She wasn't lying, it was natural and she was naked whether Hiccup was over or not.
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how to train your dragon nude women fucking men pics Well now, I hope you're all still enjoying this anonymous request for a story between the lovely Astrid and our dark cuddle buddy of a dragon, Toothless. I wanted to update this story a little, see what people thought. It's still the same story, just rewritten and, hopefully, improved! Though, in trying to keep as closely to the original story as possible, some things aren't ideal, but better :P Now, if people don't like it, or preferred the older version for whatever reason just leave a review and I'll work around it. We'll think of a good solution, massive cum facial Hiccup and I have been married for a few years now and he's become a leader Berk can be proud of. Nowadays he has his hands full, training new riders as well as repairing and improving the village.
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Get her to explain what she believes, and how it might differ from her church. I am married to a DH and what helps me the most is knowing my whole life revolves around him and medicine always come first.

I appreciate all the replies explaining the extent of the aggravation and pain I likely will face. She's most likely secretly playing out fantasies of converting you, marrying you in a Mormon temple, and having a very Mormon life, OP. Typical American girls have the government to make them feel secure. Props to people who do.

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You got some good advice from the other posters on how to maintain contact. Unconditional love, excellent communication, and unwavering support. Should I jump ship. And even then it will put Huge stress on it and on you for the rest of your life.

The dots are extremely close for every LDS person, its just extremely hard to connect them. First and most importantly, I see major trust issues in your future if you both think the other is brainwashed.