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I Saw The Devil (Unrated) | Magnet | Blu-ray Review

Ji-woon Kim masterfully creates a tone and look for I Saw the Devil by implementing ingenious shot set-ups coupled with an eye-popping color palette. The only thing that keeps it from nailing down a perfect five out of five are a couple of pacing issues that slow down the usually brisk proceedings. Rarely will you see a film that looks better than this in p. Couple this with razor-sharp image detail, and we have a complete winner.

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Save that for the Godzilla flicks please. I suppose I Saw The Devil could be categorized as more of a revenge thriller, but Kim Jee-woon manages to combine several genres to create something I've basically never seen before.

We have a serial killer genre, criminal procedural aspect, as well an unpredictable revenge twist which solidifies itself and makes more sense as the movie progresses. First-time viewers might be put off within the first 20 minutes because of what they see, but watching the entire movie will present an understanding of what the director is conveying.

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Kim Jee-woon's goal was to put an icy-cold and calculating killer against the fiery hot furnace of revenge. One of the other goals of the film was to ask the question if it's right to exact revenge, and just what the consequences of those actions might be. Features : minute making of, many deleted scenes. Click Here for full-res screencap.

Blu-ray Review November 1,


i saw the devil hot scene bryci nude videos Serial killers have been around much longer than the entertainment industry's presentations of them. The more famous movies which exposed the serial killer genre appears in the 70's and early 80's. Since then, we've had many new interpretations, and especially directors and writers who have dared take an even deeper look into the mind of a demented soul who has an apathy for human life. I Saw The Devil is one of those films which is certainly not for the faint. If you can tolerate a CSI episode, that's nice, but ISTD is on a completely different level of a story of a man who seeks revenge on another for brutally killing his fiance. If you've seen Law Abiding Citizenyou're on track, but it's still nowhere near the level of intimacy you experience in this film. I sometimes ask myself is there a line that should be drawn when creating a film like this, and my response is films like these are essential, but only if the amount of brutality and gore is balanced with the understanding of what's going on inside the head of the killer and even the victims.
i saw the devil hot scene free fisting tube Distributed by Magnet Releasing. They just all feel the same and follow an exact blueprint: Something blacked xvideos happens to someone. A loved one of said someone goes bat-shit and embarks upon a killing spree. In the process the person taking revenge becomes no better than the killer they were after. Roll credits. Still, despite the hype and it not being my cup of tea, I went into I Saw the Devil with as much of a blank slate as possible.
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