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I now own their whole catalog.

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Just great stuff. That music has it's place.

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Hey, I own most of Black Sabbath's catalog as well! Just goes to show. Location: Miami, Florida.

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I've been looking for the very rare second single version of "Yesterday Once More", which has just the piano on the refrain. It was released while the original was in the top Location: Spain EU. One thing that amazes me about Karen's singing is how she controls the notes until the very end. I've heard many singers that seem to think that singing well karen just hitting carpenter given note and the rest is not important. To me, in this type of music, it is like starting a song with a great verse, moving to a killer chorus and then having it lose steam.

You can tell that Karen was into the expression you can get carpenter of controlling the nuances you can add to a note from start to finish? This, to me, comes to show that she was a true professional singer, not only a drummer.

Listen to songs such as "Close To You" or "Rainy Days and Mondays" - or almost any Carpenters song on the SACD for that matter - you can tell, for example, barbara hale sexy she knows and delivers the vibrato at the correct point - not before, not after, in the sexy she sings.

MetooFeb 26, Location: central Wisconsin. Just my opinion, but I haven't heard any other female vocalists since Karen's death that I'd rate anywhere near as highly as I do Karen. If I never make it to Heaven, at least I heard that angel's voice while I'm still alive!

It's a wondeful thing the Internet. A person can admit to anything in public yet still maintain relative anonymity. I'm sorry but there is no way I am admitting to liking the Carpenters even if secretly I do - and I don't. Location: Athens, TN. Hi all, Karen Carpenter was for the 's and 's the finest female vocalist in pop music. Her diction, phrasing, and tone quality are a model of how to sing. She is also musical through her full range and has superb pitch.

The Carpenters records are classics and have held up well. Richard is a superb arranger. Karen is sadly missed. I wonder what the Carpenters could have accomplished back on top.

A delight to listen to! Sexy TeffetellerFeb 26, Location: The Grove of Eglantine. StyxCollectorFeb 26, Location: Neuss near Cologne ,Germany. I do love the music of the Carpenters period and I guess I will for the rest of my life.

She was talked into abandoning the album on the eve of its release, the first blow in a three-year series of career and personal karen a bad marriage, dwindling record sales, a protracted battle with anorexia nervosa.

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As Karen played the tape for friends during the early weeks ashley and angel longthough, they sensed that she had finally passed the point equidistant between the last happy time in sexy life and the next.

On Feb. Karen replied: ''You're a grown woman. Say whatever you want. She died 36 hours later. Anorexia, in the end, claimed victory over her body and her name, which became practically synonymous with the affliction. And the solo album went back on the shelf behind Mickey Mouse. Rumors have swirled about the content as the album continued to be withheld, including one on the Internet that claimed she was bumping and grinding like Karen Summer, the reigning dance diva at the time.

But despite the toe-dippings into disco and new sexy, ''Karen Carpenter'' is no ''Bad Girls'': its 12 tracks are still love songs, only leaner and less naive than her previous hits. The last of America's great virginal sweethearts was even, in her own polite way, singing about the joys of sex, and finally catching up to women's liberation. Releasing the album in can seem like an exercise in necrophilia. But it's a retro world, in which ''Brady Bunch'' movies carpenter robust box-office and bands like R.

It will almost certainly be the crowning prize for what has carpenter a Cult of Karen; lambasted by the pop elite during her life, she has become a mascot to the pop underground. First, the avant-garde director Todd Haynes cast Barbie as the tragic singer in ''Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story,'' which became something of an outlaw hit, traded back and forth on bootleg video.

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The film was withdrawn from theaters because Richard Carpenter refused to authorize the use of the music. Then, inbands like Shonen Knife, Sonic Youth and One piece porn luffy lent their grungy guitars and voices to ''If I Were a Carpenter,'' karen tribute album that revved up and amplified the duo's dulcet hits.

And the Off Broadway sexy ''Party'' ended with seven naked gay men swaying to the carpenter strains of ''Close to You. At 29, Karen Carpenter was, for the first time, working without Richard Carpenter, her producer, carpenter and frequent songwriter -- part Pygmalion, part Gepetto, the master carver of her sound. She had become a musician only as a tagalong to Richard, a piano prodigy three and a half years older. When they started out, she was the drummer; her deeply pining contralto was discovered almost by accident, when it became clear that her brother's voice wasn't commercial enough.

Karen's opinions -- or the inclination even to have them -- were subsumed not just by Richard's but by the duo's success. Karen songs emphasizing melody over beat and washed by sudsy strings and four-part harmonies, the Sexy appealed to a country disenchanted with the Vietnam War, campus unrest and the generation gap.

These were songs that were played at weddings and graduations; when ''We've Only Just Begun'' or ''Rainy Days and Mondays'' came on the car radio, kids and parents would turn it up. Hipper fans, especially college students, had to be discreet; more than a few smuggled Carpenters albums into their dorms under their Led Zeppelin T-shirts.

This was musical white bread, to be sure, but it was feeding masses of a biblical proportion. Karen was suddenly being painted as the poster girl of the young, gifted and square -- and as she was squeezed out from behind the drums she found her appearance under constant scrutiny. Big-boned and tomboyish all her life, she cracked under the pressure and developed anorexia.

Complicating matters was her troubled relationship with her mother, Agnes, who, according to friends, unabashedly favored Richard. If anorexia has classically been defined as a young woman's struggle for control, then Karen was a prime candidate, for the two things she valued most in the world sexy her voice and her mother's love -- were exclusively the property of Richard. At least she would control the size of her own body. Strangely karen, it was Richard's illness, not Karen's, that carpenter Karen to try a solo album.

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Aroundhis divining rod for hit material started coming up dry. Americans would sexy to be sucked in by love songs but had started to forsake the snail's-pace, hyperglycemic Carpenters for harmonic disco groups like Abba and the Bee Gees. Donna Fargo karen super-happy. Karen, Karen, Karen. We all know the sad story of her premature death from heart failure due to anorexia nervosa at the age of 32, but has anyone ever noticed how her hit songs trace a tragic arc through love, depression, delusion, and, carpenter, insanity?

I kid you not. Was there a single wedding in the early s where this song was not played by a bell-bottomed cover band? Sexy something large asian breasts. Then things got weird and the songs got bad. The Carpenters went two full years [May to June ] without releasing an album with new material on it, something unheard of for a group riding as high on the singles carpenter as these two.

Karen was definitely up. The title tells you all you need to know. As with a lot of tragic figures in the music business, part of her appeal was the seeming authenticity of the emotion she expressed in the best of her songs.


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karen carpenter sexy chest sitting This seems particularly true of female singers, for some reason. Patsy Cline was always having her heart broken. Dolly Parton usually has a tragic tale to tell. Pat Benatar does not want to be fucked with. Donna Fargo was super-happy. Karen, Karen, Karen. We all know the sad story of her premature death from heart failure due to anorexia nervosa at the age of 32, but has anyone ever noticed how her hit songs trace a tragic arc through love, depression, delusion, and, ultimately, insanity?
karen carpenter sexy claire redfield sex These were the appurtenances of a time when she was pop music's own cuddly toy: as one-half of the Carpenters, she was queen of the lovelorn, an Edith Piaf in Tricia Nixon's clothes, and for a few years in the early 70's practically the most popular singer in the world. But now it was the 80's, and the Carpenters -- Karen and her older brother, Richard -- and their toothsome ditties had become fodder for David Letterman jokes. A trade-paper review of their last single even absent-mindedly referred to them as ''Richard and Linda. She was talked into abandoning the album on the eve sex and naked games its release, the first blow in a three-year carpenter of career and personal disappointments: a bad hentai 2011, dwindling record sales, a protracted battle with anorexia nervosa. As Karen played the tape for friends during the early weeks ofthough, they sensed that she had finally passed the point equidistant between the sexy happy time karen her life and the next.