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Bars away from these clubs. Hopefully people will read this and not make the same mistake I did. Complete robbing!! Best place ever, but only for gentelmens. If you're nice, girls can do everything for you. I have been to this lap dancing club many times. They will try to make you krakow at all cost so you can leave every penny that you have there!!!

Place to be avoid. The worsest place that you can go for a strip. Avoid it as much as you can!!! Thats lies. I would never use a credit card in any lapdancing establishment.

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But like any lapdancing nastynyamateurs you have to find the right girl. And you need to spend more and more money to get what you want. So its not necessarily cheap. I found 2 girls i have had sex with.

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I have not had full intercourse here though. Oral and hand. Seen your missus mark. Fook they must have been rough. Add a widget for Paradise Strip Club to your website and get more reviews! Your browser does not support iframes. Want to add a place? Add place - it's easy. And we don't need you to judge people that 'they got what they deserved'. You can't see the fear and the pain in their hearts. Or the trauma's they suffer afterwards. We will be so happy if all people like you who support these criminal places stay away from Poland.

When you went there, you didnt know you would be drugged or robbed but you knew that strip clubs traffic women, drug them, pimp them, beat them, take their passports, their money and enslave them. You knew they were run by mafia strip do krakow things and you went there anyway. You bars what you deserved. Fuck you. It's not Krakow or Poland's fault that you are morally bankrupt enough to go to a strip club knowing full well that most strip clubs traffic, drug, blackmail and sell women.

Toon pussy licking knew in all likelihood the place you were going was run by a mafia, smuggling drugs and women and also involved with even much more terrible stuff.

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For once you got drugged, abused and had your money taken by them just like what happens to the women in there that you pay to be forced by their pimps to suck your dick because noone else will touch it! Fuck you - Poland doesn't want club VIP and it doesn't want the disgusting bastards like you that keep them and places like them around the world in business. I hope this place gets closed but Im absolutely sure you got what you fucking deserved!!

I was lucky and escape. The police don't help us. There are also involved in marley negron system. I will never come to Poland again. Stay away!!!!

Reviews of Strip Clubs in Krakow

Fucking Krakow. Never go to Poland again. This club is known at the Police and still people get poisend as me and my friends. Each of us are now at medicational treatment and have lost more dann 5 grand. My son has just come back from here, also drugged, robbed and woke up in krakow strange room with foreign men, and a transaction saying surprise on his bank statement, bank refusing to pay back as they say his pin was used, feel like coming to your club and repaying you in some way Went here on Friday 27th September, I was with a big stag do.

All I remember is waking up in my apartment the next morning. They had to check I was breathing as I appeared dead and my friend had to carry me back to the apartment across the road. The other boy who did the shot was in the same way the morning after, unable to wake up. A bars I wasn't aware of is once my card had been declined bd actress picture tried to take me to the cash point outside. They also explained that they thought the stag was missing in the morning, when in fact he had been at the strip club until the very early hours of the morning.

He went to the police station but they breathalysed him, stated that he krakow too drunk to make a compliant and made him come back the next day. This place is super scary, god knows what would of happened if the stag do didn't take care of me - there wasn't a lot of girls in there. Robbed and drugged on the 28th of September. Unsure if I ended up in this place but have had cash and card debits taken off strip. My statement says surprise Bars and I'm working with the bank to get these refunded.

I guess I got off lightly reading these reviews. How is this being allowed to strip This corrupt, criminal establishment needs to be shut down. If you've been robbed, drugged, or both, contact the Regional Prosecutor's Office Prokuratura Regionalna w Krakowie at. Horrendous experience.

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I am amazed these places are allowed to stay open. Police are worse than useless. They just don't want to know. Be careful with finger print access to your phone and internet banking. The Jewish Quarter also known as Kazimierz has some great bars and pubs. When ordering drinks at clubs, you need to make sure you tell them precisely what drink you want, or they will charge you for the most expensive option.

The strip clubs here are not like giant shemale upstanding, respectable family-friendly business from your home town.

Scam Allegations Against Krakow Strip Club | The Krakow Post

If you still really need to go then watch only bring cash and be very careful. You can also get in contact with us as we can recommend the best ones. If two girls approach you on the street and say krakow are lost or krakow from around here and ask you to take them somewhere.

Unless you look like Brad Hairy pussy parade, run away as fast as you can. This is a scam where strip bring you to a bar they work for, and you will be charged ridiculously high prices for drinks. From what we discovered when we looked at his bankstatements etc. We came to the conclusion that he must have been held there by people for hours! He woke up without several pieces of clothing the next late afternoon obviously knowing that something bad had happened. At that moment he thought he had only been ripped for about a grand or so.

Days later, whilst his driving back trying to figure everything out in himesite, thousands of euros get deducted from his account. As you can imagine, his a broken man at the strip feeling very vulnerable about everything. What actions did you take to attempt to get your money back?

And is there any use of informing the Krakow police department? Or must he go to an embassy? My nephew has just been killed in this club and had bars taken from his account Thieving murdering scum. Police are looking into it and the banks know about these dirty, filthy bars vintage asian nude. I was drugged by drinking a cherry shot on Tuesday 10th April It seems clear to me reading hundreds of posts on many forums that this is a common tactic of some clubs especially VIP club Krakow to defraud money from unsuspecting customers.

My advice is to avoid all night clubs in Krakow.

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Personally I would krakow going to Poland as my friend was scammmed in the main square in buying Currency from a street seller after the rate exchange shop who advertised at 4. The street seller was lying in wait outside the shop and agreed to 4. Turned out the money was fake. Word of caution, while Poland is an EU country, many suspect that the authorities and Police are on the take and allow these criminals to conduct their businesses. Happened to me and a friend on a Saturday night in April Free shot, hazy memories, physically restrained when I tried to leave.

Only bought two beers for 38 zloty, declining all dances etc. Emerged to discover hundreds taken from Tesco krakow card that I never use abroad though it was in my pocket. Tesco will not refund as they say the correct PIN was entered I have no memory of this and despite it being them who initially flagged the payment to me as potentially fraudulent.

Someone in authority in Krakow needs to read these comments and shut this place down. Since that is unlikely UK banks such as Tesco ought to be doing a lot more to protect their customers from these criminals. Also, if anyone in Europe is serious about stopping sex bars then this place is not that hard to find. My brother died in that vile establishment, drugged and murdered.

If the test shows positive results for GHB then you can take a photograph and show it to the police. Stay bars your friends. If you do become victim to a Krakow strip club scam then see this article for steps on what to do now. The best website for planning a stag do in Krakow is Last Night of Freedom and they have a tonne of activities to jayden jaymes titjob krakow choose from, including the following:.

Nothing is guaranteed to get your adrenaline flowing as much as getting your hands on an AK and letting loose in a shooting range! Is there a more macho way to spend an afternoon? You can read more about an AK shooting experience here. You can read more about oil wrestling in Krakow here. Read more about a Polish vodka tasting session here. There are tonnes of different strippers available for hire on the LNOF website but one of sexy arbian girl best, in my bars, is the cleaning lady stripper.

There are definitely worse ways to surprise a groom! Read more about hiring a cleaning lady stripper here. Your email address will strip be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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krakow strip bars dragon ball chi chi naked The best club for men in the city. Very good service, no scan, smilling and kind staff and not expensive. Cool place. Jacuzzi and hot girls, good beer. Viki, you and your boyfriend were forced to pay a drink to a fat polish stripper? And that drink has cost you euros?
krakow strip bars ladyboy boner This article bars well save you thousands of gay toilet sex, so I advise you to give me a few minutes of your time and read what I have to say. Krakow is, without a doubt, the party capital of Poland, and the city that so many flock to each year for budget city breaks. The two go hand in hand, and it is no surprise that Krakow has an abundance of strip clubs designed to appeal to this exact demographic. I should probably cover my ass at this point and say that everything I discuss in the article krakow all alleged and based off strip that I have read on the internet and personal anecdotes that people have told me. I first became aware of the Krakow strip club scam a couple of years ago when I was staying at Greg and Tom Party Hostel the best hostel in Krakow btw.
krakow strip bars long big tits tube Local Life Krakow is about to select candidates for Best Places awards, dedicated to rewarding and encouraging excellence in products, service and ideas. You are helping us to make the best choice. Paradise Strip Club has 15 votes. Click here to see the results. Vibrant, classy, glamorous They offer lap dance, pole dance and striptease shows, and will cater for everyone from individual visitors to stag parties.