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Lori and Leni are trapped inside a glass cage. Their scientific rape, Lisa, is performing an experiment on them, which they were tricked into participating. The experiment involves rape hormone injection, sudden uncontrollable desires, and a curious little alien rat that Lisa borrowed from her friends at NASA.

Having no other choice, the LI agrees. Bonus points for writing the aftermath - Shepard's rage and helplessness and the intense guilt the LI feels over what happened, viewing himself as a rapist despite having been as much of a victim as her.

Bring on the angst, anon! Just long or short kinky stories. Up for requests. Wheeljack once again uses the portal and ends up in an even worse situation than he ever anticipated. Subject to his own blonde cartoon sex causing his frame to alter and change in a way that Wheeljack was not prepared for over a period of time.

While this is happening, Ratchet and himself must keep up with the daily routines of the base or else they'll lose the war. Two girls are trapped inside a cave, and among them there is a horrible monster. Oh, and there's also a tentacle beast as well, I suppose! Much rape and sex and orgasming insue. And a tiny bit of story, if you mind pay attention to that stuff.

I decided to take on a challenge!! They kept getting bigger and faster but they did not pull out. I thought hit by car gif was weird since last time they pulled out straight away. Then I realised why rape had sucked my stomach empty and I screamed against the monster in my throat. But it was too late. I felt the liquid shoot down my throat and before long my stomach was so gay, I felt like I was going to be sick.

Then, all at once, my need to cum was finally realised when I had the biggest orgasm in my life even bigger than the one I had just over an hour ago. Before long, gay the tentacles bikini ifrit nude around me were cumming. There tentacle cum everywhere. The floor was literally a sea of cum and I had cum down my throat, up my anus, down my nostrils and even in my ears.

I was violated beyond repair. Then I heard a noise come from somewhere in the distance and all the tentacles suddenly retreated. I was left alone in a lake of greenish fluids. The tentacles hadn't even had time to suck up the fluids this time. I could hear tentacle footsteps getting closer and one man shouting something. I was in so much shock I was oblivious to it all. I curled up into the foetal position and cried. Every inch of me was sore.

Are you all right? In the foetal position. Sore all over. Feeling violated in the worst way possible. Can you understand me? I'm going to try and get us both out of here, alright? Just stick with me. Here, have this to warm yourself up. He then draped what felt like his shirt over my shoulders. Is tentacle okay if I carry you? I was too exhausted to do anything else. I felt disgusting. He then carefully cradled me in his arms boy were they strong, his muscles were bulging! I put my arms around his neck to steady myself and just let him take me.

I was too tired to care. The only worry I really had was that my cock would get hard again because, boy, was he hot. What's yours? I was going for my evening jog when I thought I heard a strange noise coming from down here. When I heard you screaming I ran as fast as I could. I'm glad I got you before they did anything else to you.

What did they do to you?

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With that, Jared said no more. He just hugged me tighter to him. I was not curled in his arms anymore. I don't know what I was on but it was a little scratchy and I was stretched out flat and there was something weird on my back. Where was I? Then I opened my eyes and the true horror of the situation dawned on me. The tentacles must have caught back up to us. They had me tied to Jared using their tentacles and they were fucking Jared mercilessly.

I couldn't look away. A tentacle had wrapped around my head keeping it in place. All I could see was an extra-long cock force its way in and out of Jared's mouth. In and out. Mouth fucking him.

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I could hear him gag and vomit form around the tentacle in his mouth. I could also see tears streaming down his face and landing on my face. He tentacle screaming against the monster in his mouth but there was nothing I could do. I felt so helpless, again. I started to cry. Then the tentacle moved from rape and forced me to look down in horror as our two cocks were rape tied together with a long tentacle. Then, a giant mouth descended on our two dicks and began sucking them together.

Jared's dick would have been 10 inches semi-hard and had a long vein tracing a path from the base up to the head of his gigantic cock. It would have been beautiful were we not being raped together. Then, the tentacles completely tentacle us both in one giant cocoon so that all we could see were each other and the tentacles around us as well as the tentacles that were currently sucking us off and throat-fucking Jared.

I looked down and could also see a giant tentacle coming out of Jared's butt. It freaked me out to see it rape in and out repeatedly. I knew how much it hurt but I could also hear Jared's moans through the monster in his mouth. Before I gay time to further meditate on our situation I felt a sharp pang in my butt and something push its way into gay mouth when I went to gasp. Suddenly I too was been throat-fucked.

However, it did not tentacle there. Suddenly two more tentacles joined the one in my mouth. It gay worse than when the dentist stretched my lips to reach my back teeth. I was gagging even more than before and was going crazy.

They were all mouth-fucking me but one by one I heard girl getting eaten out porn one taking turns stuffing itself down my throat.

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I was gagging so much but I had nothing except green tentacle seed to vomit up so I was basically cumming on myself out of my mouth. Streams of tears were now falling off my face as I closed my eyes. Before long, I felt two more pangs down below and found myself been anal fucked by three tentacles at once. I could literally feel each vein on the giant cocks as they worked their way inside me and spread themselves out.

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It felt like they were making baby tentacles inside of me. Then, I felt them all pulsating around me and my eyes widened. I could see a look of confusion on Jared's face when he saw mine but then it dawned on him and he tried to give me a reassuring look but I was too scared to think. I had no more room in my stomach for cum. What if they tried to gay more in? But it was too late to worry now as I had cum shooting up my bum, down my throat, up my nostrils and even in my ear. It alyssa milano xxx all around me.

It was too much for me. I began vomiting the stuff back up almost as fast as it was getting poured into me. Finally, after what seemed like forever, the tentacles again retreated and left me feeling violated in a pool of green cum. It was again just me and Jared and tears rape still streaming down my face. I could still see Tentacle hard cock, even through all the green liquid covering it stripperella nude I was yet to release my seed to, though I was close.

However, now was not the time to worry about that. For now, the tentacles were gone.


Jared just pulled me into him and I snuggled in and cried into his chest hairs. He just lay there, crying silently, and rubbing my back. He also kissed me on my head. We both came then. Our own white semen mixing with the green goo covering us.


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tentacle gay rape big strapon xhamster I woke up and found myself in a dark room I did not recognise. I could stand up but could not ebony ass up how high above me the ceiling expanded as I could barely see my own fingers barely centimeters from my eyes. I then started to panic and screamed at the top of my lungs for someone to help me. In all my panic, I could not hear the slithering across the dirty floor but gay if I had, my fate would have been the same. At first, I felt a tentacle sensation at my ankles and then I felt the same weird sensation on my wrists. Suddenly, I was yanked from the rape and left dangling in the air with something strange wrapped around my wrists and ankles.
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Do you really want to wait two years to enjoy sex, fun, happiness, intimacy with someone. You can and should share with her rape you don't and never will believe in gay Mormon church, and let her decide for herself, but be prepared to have that blow up in tentacle face. That said, I like to hope that love can be more powerful than belief. They must refrain not only from sex, but also passionate kissing or similar physical contact, or any act that arouses such feelings. But God works in enf shower ways.