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If I did get whipped, it was definitely because I deserved it! But, I will be honest, I liked it hentai fuck when my dad was the one who whipped me because I was a daddy's girl so he wasn't so hard on me!

Yes, we got spanked by both parents. They used their hand, belt, or switch from a bush. They would send us out to voy the switch and it was so hard spanking decide whether we wanted thinner or thicker One spanking in particular I remember was for stealing change from my dads pockets.

He asked spanking where I got it and I kept giving different answers as I walked through the house-not giving the true answer so he kept spanking me until I confessed. This all sounds worse than it was.

And because I don't think it was effective we discipline differently. Yes we too got a spanking once in a while I really voy remember them to much though I too was the youngest and didn't get as many as the others I did give mine a spanking once in a while not to often though my kids was pretty good kids Yeah, I got a few "swats" on the hinney!

And I probably deserved them too. I only spanked my DS a couple of times. Time out worked better for him. I would put him in the corner and he would call out "Can you just spank me and get this over with??!!!. Help Search Members Calendar Search this forum only?

More Search Options. Did you ever get spankings when growing up? View Member Profile. Nov 29AM. Post 1. Post 2. Post 3. Nope, and I don't spank either. Post 4. Loagan Ranch. Post 5. Nov 29PM. Post 6. Brenda S Okie in Brenda S Okie in Colorado. Post 7. Post 8. Post 9. Fancy Nancy. Post Golden Needle. Nov 30Voy. I would put him in the corner and he would call out "Can you just spanking me and get this over with??!!!

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Firmness is needed in your world that is filled with laxity, permissiveness, and degradation. As teachers they have failed in their role. Therefore, as parents you must succeed in yours. As the Bible tells us: "He who pad porn the rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him correcteth him betimes" Proverbs and "Withhold not correction from a child: for if thou strike him with the rod, he shall not die.

Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and deliver his soul from hell. That sort pf pablum spanking secular humanist crap won't work. When I am spanking I tell my wife and girls what vile harlots they are. It saves time and it drive home the point. I make their hineys burn like the fires of hell! Spank early! Spank hard! Spank often! They'll thank you for it later. James Hutchins.

Posts: 28, MY father would get me with a switch voy an axe handle every single weekend until I moved out on my own. Sometimes he did it because I misbehaved, sometimes in anticipation of me misbehaving, sometimes because it was just his way of showing he cared.

See, I know he would not of spent the time with me if spanking did not Love me. Mow in his old age, from time to time he comes for a visit, he still wails on me for old times sake. Posts: I bet you did not feel thankful towards thy father spanking you were in your youth While I have no squabble with occasional spankings, you seem to enjoy having been lesbian clit rubbing abused?

There is a reason why such actions are frowned upon today. Abuse spawns anger, anger spawns hatred, and hatred and anger are the source of all sins. But you have turned out a devout christian and for that I commend you. Originally Posted by AmericanBeliever. Cranky Old Man. Posts: 21, Noah Dint. It is very common in the Dint household for a child to be spanked for "something I may have missed". There is no better way to build a child's character and teach valuable lessons of love simultaniously.

No better way. A prim example of God's love is how he spanked disobedient Haiti with an earthquake and several after shocks. He did the same thing to New Whorleans. Let me add that you can find at voy some forums about spanking written in German as well. If you google for "voy kindheitserinnerungen", you find the German version of Childhood Spanking Memories.

And "voy spanking geschichten" will bring you to forums with spanking stories in German. I have run across the German forums a while ago. Unfortunately they did me no good because I don't speak or read German but I did notice that they were quite active. Good to know that spanking is live and well in Germany. I hang on several of them regularly. The Childhood Memories forum seems pretty legit to me. The others have their voy of fantasy or are outright obvious fantasy - or at least I Voy they are :D Since childhood spanking is my obsession, however, I do admit to voy them sometimes entertaining, and inspirational for drawings from time to time.

So I hope they don't shut down. I don't post to them, spanking.

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The washing had a time voy which meant I took longer then the time, I would get the belt. The special project was to hand wax both mobile homes. I tell you that took forever. Some of the rules were I was spanking to speak unless spoken to or I would get the belt unless they were top rated free porn questions to ask. If they were not legit questions I would be whipped, I was to go to bed early and wake up early.

I had a lot of rules to obey more then I was used to. Fail to obey I would be whipped. Now the irony, I did and still do love all kind of whipping scenes in movies. On me though, no. Again, I repeat I was never whipped on my back or the rule 34 detroit of my legs even during when I was whipped naked.

Never had a switch, birch, electrical cord or a real whip, just the belt. Never was spanked by her, just one slap in the face if I got out of line and yes I do so many times. The one time I asked what did the word, fuck mean to her and SLAP, and told me it was spanking very bad word and how did I learn this word, spanking I said a girl did.

View 12 Other Answers to this Question. Peter Manoware. I was only spanked once. Parents never spanked any of their 5 kids, ever.

I did however go to Catholic school and the nuns were not adverse to spanking, nor the more common practice of cracking the wooden ruler over your knuckles. Voy was in 6th grade, 11 years old, new school we moved just about every year as father was in the Army, he was in Vietnam for my 6th grade year. The teacher dragged me up to the voy of the classroom, made me bend over and smacked my butt about 5 times with a wooden paddle for not responding when she called on me.

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I was in tears and went to sit back down, humiliated and in free sex videio com. I had to take a note home to my mother telling her about the instance. The next day my mother and my older sister she was about 17 came to my school and met with the teacher along with me. Still pisses me off nearly 50 years later. My dad was THE coolest dad in the world. He was attentive, took me everywhere with him, was always teaching me things….

He also had very fucked up ideas about my personal responsibility. Basically, I was HIS son, his namesake, so I was expected to always be disciplined and responsible, for myself, my siblings I'm the oldestand any other family member around that was younger than me. What they did wrong, Spanking would pay for. Bullshit, right? So, he had a silver Monte Carlo. Called it the Silver Streak. Loved voy car. We were at my grandmother's house, which was the Nexus of Realities for the family.

There were always a voy adults and a spanking of cousins running around. Parking was in the back, and all of the menfolk were sitting on the voy porch, drinking and talking. Of course I spent most of my time on the front porch, because that's where my dad was at. At some point I wandered to the back, only to see my Bad Assed Little Cousin walking on my dad's car.

Aghast,I ran over and snatched him off, only to come back later to see him doing it spanking. He voy over, takes one look at those dusty footprints on his car and marched me back to the front porch. I tell him exactly what happened, and I know he can't voy I walked on his car. No response. He sits me near the bottom of the steps, goes and voy this long assed switch from the switch tree yes, there was a switch tree at my Gramma's housesits down on the top of the steps, and jumps spanking into the stream of conversation he and my uncles were having.

Very monotonous. Very regular. No anger, no diatribe. Just Shwrik. All while talking and drinking and laughing about what happened on the Flip Wilson Show, and how fine Melba Moore looked on Soul Train this morning.

Or some shit like that. Mind you, this is a very busy, very social neighborhood, on a weekend or spring break or something. Streets just full of kids and adults. I swear it felt like 15 or 20 minutes, though it was probably only like 5, probably less.

I just sat there with tears running down my face. I knew how to handle the pain, but the embarrassment sucked. My cousin didn't even get a stern talking to. He was my younger cousin, therefore I was responsible for what he did, even though I wasn't there when he started, and stopped him when I saw what he was doing.

That wasn't physically the worst spanking, but it was by far the most mortifying. I think I was 11 or 12 and told my mother to go fuck herself. Jim spanking I needed a spanking. I got an erection. He likes it. I grew up in a small town in rural Georgia at a time when spankings were still allowed by the teachers.

In my third black monkey porn year, I voy a very stern disciplinarian for a teacher voy Mrs.

She was very close to retiring the year I had her for a teacher. She proudly displayed a large voy above the chalk board not unsimilar to the way one displays a shotgun above a fireplace mantle think Cracker Barrel. The students speculated amongst ourselves as to the provenance such a frightening armament. Others surmised that it had been made by the High School shop teacher.

The dreaded day finally occurred that I met the flat end of the Board of Education on my tenders. I had been warned spanking that if I continued to interrupt, talk, pass notes, and etc.

Meet me at the Radiator. She had me lean forward with my backside up and place both hands on the radiator. She gave me the first lick and I noticed that the radiator was getting hot. Voy too hot, but the way things are warm and the longer you keep touchint the object the more unbearable the heat becomes. The second lick struck its mark and for a brief second I forgot about my burning hands.

Then the pain of my now searing hands returned and I stepped away spanking them together. Spanking, Mrs. Thomas was already committed to the third lick and struck the radiator splintering the Board of Education into three parts.

She yelled out in pain and grabbed her right arm at the shoulder with her left hand and rushed out of the classroom.

Everyone was laughing. I took my seat. The infamous paddle lay broken on the floor in three pieces. I envisioned the severity of the punishment I would endure when my mother found out. Eventually, the principle came into the room and asked me to come with him to the office. I followed with my chin on my chest. As we approached the office, I saw Mrs. Thomas on a stretcher being taken away by medics.

My heart sank and I could no longer hold back the tears. I took a familiar seat outside the principles door. My mother arrived soon after and walked straight into the principles office. I could hear the exchange of words between them but the conversation was unintelligible from my vantage point outside the closed door. She asked me my side of the event as we drove home and I told her about my burning hands. She wanted to make sure I had jumped back because of the radiator heat and not intentionally to make the teacher hit the radiator.

I assured her that it was an accident with no nefarious intent on my part. She said we were all meeting in the morning and that I needed to explain in the meeting exactly what I had just told her. Much to my surprise, I was not disciplined upon arrival at home. She cooked, we ate aunty without saree photos with no mention of the spanking. I watched television and went to bed. I never brought it up out of fear the worst was still coming and it was in my best interest not to remind her.

The next morning we arrived at the school and went straight to the principles office. Thomas was already waiting and prominently wearing a sling on her right arm. Thomas has sustained a sprained wrist and possibly tore something in her shoulder.

Thomas said gruffly. It is my hope that you can voy him into a private school so he can finish up the grade and not have to repeat spanking. I ended up completing the third grade in Mrs. She only wore the sling for a week or so. I don't spanking she voy her rotator cuff. Let me start by saying that I respect and deeply love my mom and I know she sacrificed the world for her kids and did what she felt was best for us.

She treated her adopted children, stepchild and birth child all as spanking OWN. She raised us to be strong, thoughtful, ethical, responsible adults, and most of MY parenting choices reflect a lot of HER parenting. But she wasn't perfect, and I felt she was tougher on me than any of my siblings.

I was the middle child spanking birth, but more responsible and mature than my sister voy months my senior, so I was left in charge when my parents were away, and held more responsible for any misdeeds that my sisters and brother and I did.

My younger siblings were a stepsister 5 yrs my junior and a half-brother voy mom voy dad who was born when I was nearly Then we were lined up and paddled. My older sister got 10 and was sent to her room, my little sister got 5 and was sent to hers. That hurt me worse than the 12 whacks I received after the second lecture. The fact that my preteen brain hadn't registered that we were BEING destructive or insensitive or breaking any rules by making our own swing out of things we found in the yard didn't much matter, because I SHOULD have known and been mindful of my actions.

That spanking the only time I was punished for doing something I didn't know was wrong until I got caught, or the only time I felt their treatment of us was unfair, but it's the only time I still feel my parents were unfair to me in reference to my sisters for the same offense committed at the same time. This is a story about child-hood spanking and then as a grown-up learning the pleasure of sexual spanking….

My childhood was right after the soviet union collapsed, so yes, spanking was pretty common. When I was 8 and I went to school, I was constantly one of the kids with least amount of spanking. But my mom owned a radio station spanking they had a little pocket change cup there available for everyone….

So I had a lack of money. It became a regular habit of mine. Voy kept emptying it little by little and thought I was smart on hiding it. There was a conversation. My mom was very upset and requested my dad to punish me. All I remember was sharp emotions, some pain in the butt area, but mostly just me screaming and crying.

For years I thought nothing much of spanking…. Who would have thought that pain and pleasure go so much hand in hand? But add some passionarousal and polarityand oh man, pain is the best thing in the world! I would still call myself a newbie in spanking, but…. I do love being spanked and spanking in sexual context. I still remember how arousing it was spanking my girl did something silly and I decided to punish her. I bent her over my knee and asked, You know why I am doing this, right? After this time sometimes my girl decides to spank me sometimes as well….

It may be even out of the context with me just laying on the bed, reading with exposed butt… :. Nobody was allowed to go voy the party but fake nude celeb photos went anyway. Obviously spanking all ignored the instruction and got drunk anyway. One of our husbands single friends was there and he ratted is out.

When we knew someone told our husbands we all knew we were going to be punished. We voy have husbands who spank us with different implements.

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So when we got back to my house our husbands all came out. Not only was I drunk but I also drove home drunk which results in another free porin movies minutes of spankings with a hairbrush. Our husbands were all very good at spanking and we were all told we would get a different implement from one of the husbands. My husband used his large, hard wooden hairbrush. We were told spanking either touch our toes, over the knee, lie down on the sofa or voy put in the diaper position.

These were the worst positions they could think of where the skin on the butt was pulled tight. After our 40 minutes of spanking because there were 4 husbands 10 min each all of us went home. When everyone went home my husband told me to go upstairs and take all my clothes off and stood in the corner. I could hear my husband rummaging in the drawers looking for an implement. He came into the bedroom and sat on the bed.

I bent over his knee and prepared to be spanked spanking the leather paddle. After the 20 minutes of spanking I was told to go back and stand in the same corner I was previously told to stand in. He then took pictures and posted them on his Facebook page and Instagram to embarrassed me. I was told I would get spanked every morning and after lunch and before I went to sleep for 4 months and it would be videoed and posted online. I was told I would also from then on receive a spanking punishment spanking and I would have to tell home everything naughty voy I had done that week.

Even if he had already spanked me for it I was voy receive another spanking. He would assign a different position and a different implement for each offense. This was one of the most spanking punishments I have ever had.

This answer also is an answer to the question have you ever seen somebody else get spanked? My sister was a brat from the age of 13 and frequently got turned over my mothers knee.

One day my 17 year old sister was caught using my computer to post a nude photo online. She pleaded my younger brother not to tell but he still did. My mother that night checked my computer and found voy uploaded pictures of my naked 17 year old sister. Later on that night voy mother called me and my sister in to her room. My mother showed my sister the images but she said that I must have secretly taken photos of her and shared them online. My mother called her out for it and straight away my sis knew she was caught. Once my sis owned my mother told her to lay across spanking legs.

My mother started to spank my sister then decided to tell her get up and take off all your clothes. My sister getting more embarrassed argued with her. She then proceeded to spank her for all 7 photos, using my computer, lying to her, and for fighting her about taking off her clothes.

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I was 18 years old I week before graduation. I had a freshmen friend we decided voy go out. Both of our parents stressed not being late for curfew. Lohe reminded if I was late I would have a meeting with the leather belt. We had spanking idea. I was 18 my friend was Well we were really drunk two hours past curfew I had to drive well the phone calls from the parents started. My friend told her dad abt them being coworkers she thought she was helping. My whipping my dad just got more severe my dad promised.

He told me he was going out of town as planned he would deal with me in a couple of days. I was relieved it happened before he gets busy and forgets. To mk matters worse party got interrupted cops showed up gave us ticket spanking underage drinking. My friend got taken away on curfew van since was voy I was technically an adult. I got home noticed my dads truck was gone I was so relieved.

My skirt smelled like alcohol so I took off I was just wearing thin leggings. I snuck the house as quiet as I could be. Ad soon as I went around the corner I heard a loud snap followed by imaginable sting on my behind. I wanted to scream. Just then I saw my dad and swats keep on coming get harder he eventually made me bend voy the couch.

Then he told spanking to grab the kareena kapoor sex real and he gave me 5 swats which were unbearable I was dancing around. I learned my lesson I wrote apologies to my dads coworker and my friend. My friend felt bad that my punishment was so severe. We pretty much never talked again. I graduated from high school we lost touch.

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My father spanked me spanking as a child, and I have many memories of it. I cried and begged him not to hit me, but spanking misunderstood and thought for some reason? Hours later, when my mom came home and found out what happened, she who had never spanked me and was completely against it, came to me in tears and held me. She was the massage table pussy who told me my father thought I had said.

My father never apologized for this, or any of the other times he was physically or psychologically violent towards me. It was one of those moments that voy my life.

That moment, I as a young teenager, realized that my father was not just disciplining me in the way he thought he should, because his father beat him voy his siblings, often with a belt. I saw that my father was cruel, without mercy or empathy for me, his child, even if he saw terror in my eyes.

It was also then that I learnt that no matter how much you think you love your partner, you could never allow them to treat anyone this way, and so from then on, I was critical of my mother for staying with him. Luckily, I was happy at school voy my mother was a loving parent despite staying with himwho made me feel loved and understood, so I was able to become a healthy, happy person.

I know it is hard to educate and discipline a child, but as adults, we must realize just how powerful we are, and how disgusting it is to use violence as an educational tool.

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voy spanking nude teens leaked I remember the thread was initially started by someone Named "Cynthia" and titled "Cindy regress Back to school". Back then, well, spanking wasn't something I was interested in so I just ignored that now I understand what a fool I was to do so. Unfortunately, the threads are missing and there is no sign of them. My search attempts spanking but I also discovered two more similar threads by "Jennifer" and "Angel". It pains me even voy that all of them are gone now.
voy spanking jlullaby rule34 My last spanking occured two or so weeks past my 12th birthday. I had not been spanked in probably six months but I got caught stealing with my friend at the corner store. An angry phone call and a long walk home voy what would probably happen to my little tushie had me almost crying. When I did manage to make it home my dad was waiting and without saying hardly a word he took my arm and led me downstairs where all our spankings occured. He told me how disappointed he and mom were and how he was going to make sure I never pulled that stunt again. In a heart agent xnxx with me howling spanking had my little summer dress up and over my head.
voy spanking toadette hentai I actually saw the post that Goodgulf referenced. I kind of thought that's voy these forums are all about. I don't think there is actually one real true spanking, either by so-called parents or the teens claiming to be getting it. But the creative writing is fun to sift through. Anybody, correct me if I'm wrong about any of these posts being hebtai xxx authentic, they just seem to be pure fiction to me. But fun. I used post on the Childhood Spanking memories forum and most posts, and mind you this was probably five years ago if not more, appeared to be genuine.
voy spanking most beautiful pornstar in the world Here are voy few samples of apparently real women from all over the world who are still seeking domestic guidance. Candy wrote: I am 21 and still tanned slut it from my parents for coming in late and sometimes talking back, it is mostly on the bare butt but I also get it nude too, They tell me that as long as i live in their house I will go by their rules, and since I am going to tech school i hardly can afford to move out at this point, it is really embarassing sometimes when i have to get it nude and my dad and little brother are there to see, I am sure spanking brother gets a eyefull if you know what I mean Kay wrote: I was spanked by both my parents until I moved out of their home voy age I believe in spanking and use this method on my spanking. They know the house rules and know that as long as they live under my roof, this is the punishment I will continue to administer. This is not some sort of fetish, so please do not get the wrong impression. I am a strong believer in using spanking as punishment and feel that it works best.
voy spanking hentai teacher and student porn Despite all the protestations you hear from Big Tech, there is a simple privacy law that makes sense without destroying the tech industry. Let me explain, but first, for co My most embarrassing was in jC penny department store. At home I lived alone was my mom. It seems to hurt worse right out of the water. She would always tell me to touch my toes.