WineBottler 1.2.3 For Mac Apps & Windows (Latest Version)

WineBottler 1.2.3 For Mac Apps & Windows (Latest Version)

WineBottler 1.2.3 Latest Version For Mac Apps & Windows

WineBottler 1.2.3 For Mac┬áis a completely free software only available for Mac. It goes to the group tools Utilities &” and the subcategory’Tools &’ Utilities’ and has been made by Edgewall.

WineBottler 1.2.3 For Windows is a software that takes up space than the program from the Tools & utility section. It downloaded from countries like China, India, and Mexico. Since the software was added from 2012, 35,115 downloads have been got by it, and it obtained 16 downloads, last week.

WineBottler is readily available for consumers using later versions and the operating system Mac OS X, and it’s offered in English. The program version is 1.2.35 along with also the latest upgrade in our catalogue occurred on 5/26/2018

WineBottler 1.2.3 Latest Version For Mac Apps & Windows

Main Features:

  • To start, download WineBottler.
  • Make certain that you download. That presumed OS X El Capitan and Yosemite users essential that you get version 2.0 if this guide was composed
  • Open the DMG file that is downloaded. Drag and WineBottler and drop applications folder as you would place any other Mac program. Following that, you are able to establish WineBottler.
  • The setup program Will Probably appear below”On My Mac” in the WineBottler window. It is likely If you would like to uninstall them. Click on an app and it’ll begin getting its icon.
  • To run you will download this, then right-click or Ctrl-click its .exe document to select Open With Wine.

System Requirments

  • 1.5 GHz Intel Processor Or Higher
  • 1 GB Ram is Required
  • Graphics Card 128MB Or Higher
  • Resolution 720×1080

What Is New?

  • New Updates latest variant
  • Fixed Bugs
  • Frozen Issues
  • Boost The New Characteristics
  • WineBottler 1.2.3

How To Install?

  • Download Windows.EXE file.
  • Drag and Drop
  • now you can put it
  • WineBottler can make another bundle with Fireplace
  • This can it be the program works like any OS X program.

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