WineBottler 1.6.1 For Mac Free Download {Latest Version}

WineBottler 1.6.1 For Mac Free Download {Latest Version}

WineBottler 1.6.1 For Mac Free Download {Latest Version}

WineBottler 1.6.1 For Mac Key permits users to bottle Windows programs as Mac programs. The wine has always been popular amongst Linux users for running Windows apps, but it’s available for Mac, too – and today, absolutely free usefulness WineBottler may”jar” Windows apps into different program packages that operate as standalone Mac programs.

WineBottler is a tool very similar to CodeWeavers’ Crossover. WineBottler’wraps’ or’bottles’ the prefixes that are different within an application package. WineBottler enables standalone (i.e., not needing a wine to be set up ) software to be made too, by adding the wine package within the standalone program package.

WineBottler 1.6.1 For Mac Free DownloadWineBottler 1.6.1 For Mac Free Download {Latest Version}

Key Features:

  • Your company provides you with a login, email, calendar and contacts that only function in particular browsers?
  • You instantly want to look at your websites from browsers that are tabbed.
  • You have to play with games, which are not ported to OS X?
  • Your online trading platform or accounting software only runs on Windows?
  • Your audio publication player is not available on OS X?

System Requirments

  • 1.5 GHz Intel Processor Or Improved
  • 1 GB Ram is Needed
  • Graphics Card 128MB Or Improved
  • Resolution 720×1080

What Is New?

  • Support for DPI scaling on Android.
  • HID device support from the input.
  • Several New icons in Shell32.
  • WinHTTP altered to use Windows Sockets.
  • Syntax fixes in the command line interpreter.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • WineBottler 1.0.1

How To Install & Activate?

  • Download a Windows.EXE file.
  • Drag and drop it
  • Now you can install it.
  • WineBottler can produce Another bundle with Fireplace
  • This is it the program works like any other OS X app.

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